Sex & the 40 year old woman

I read an article on the lack of sexual education knowledge in today’s adults. The article profiled a woman who had an idea to teach adults about sex and their bodies and started what has now become a very successful Adult Toy Party company. The demonstrators are part salespeople, part instructors.

This got me thinking, is it really possible that adult women don’t understand their bodies? Are women in their 40’s still trained to think their bodies and sex are a) taboo, b) unclean, and c) a certain pathway to everlasting hell? We may not have had the best sex education in school back in the day, but certainly with the advent of the internet and the loosening of standards and ethics on American television they must have learned something in the last 20 or so years.

While as girls, we mature faster than boys, we, unlike our counterparts, savor the journey and hit our strides in our 40’s. Funny how this coincides with the new term, cougar. Men spend from the ages of 16 to 25 with their pelvises in constant motion, emulating a jack hammer whenever the opportunity presents itself. Women, on the other hand, endure this for years, wishing for them to slow down and match our rhythms.

In life’s great ironic twists, they do learn this and slow down, just in time for our libidos to go haywire and long for the jack hammer days. Is it any wonder the rate of incompatibility when a couple reaches their 40’s? Men want to go slow and for a 20’s gal, she is eager for the opportunity to take an older lover. Why not, all the men her age are still boys, hammering away at it.

Meanwhile, what about the woman in her 40’s? Well hell, jack hammers are starting to look good again and with good reason. He can keep up with her lust for fulfillment, doesn’t need pharmaceuticals to rise to the occasion, and looks damn good in his all together.

Now back to the original line of thinking. Now, it is socially acceptable for a woman to be as open and real about her sexuality more than ever before.  Just a mere 10 years ago, it was still a man’s world when it came to sex. It was perfectly normal for a man to hit a mid-life crisis, get a divorce, a fast car, and a 20-year-old to go with it, not so for women. So ladies, if you are lacking in knowledge, please, book a party, buy a book on and have it delivered in a plain brown wrapper, or ask a friend. If you are still afraid of burning in hell for all eternity, remember, we will all be there with you, and smiling from ear to ear!


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One Response to Sex & the 40 year old woman

  1. Lyn says:

    I think that being single in your 40s is another challenge.
    Sexual fulfillment entails more than just the physical. We’re still out there trying to find someone with whom we can click on other levels, as well.
    I did the “cougar” thing for a while; it turned into more of a tutorial… Then once I got him the way I wanted him in bed, I realized we didn’t have much else. We debated about music, social activities, politics…
    I was a novelty to his friends, and he was a joke to mine.

    I have the knowledge and the desire… I just need someone to share them with.

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