Mirror, mirror on the wall

At some point, we have all received one of those “People of Walmart” emails.  You know the one.  It has picture after picture of shoppers in all manner of dress and under each picture has a clever comment.  You sit and read the email, scrolling down picture after picture looking, wondering and reading the ad-lib.

Admit it, you have even laughed at a few of them.  It is human nature, just like slowing down on the highway to look at a car wreck.  It is the nature of human curiosity, the ability to say around Facebook (today’s version of the office water cooler), “you are never going to believe what I saw!”

What if, unlike the car accident, these “shoppers” are merely victims of an unfortunate cosmic event, the mirror-less human?  These poor souls wander around the Earth, unaware of something called a mirror.  It is this ingenious invention that allows one that final second of self-approval before wandering out of their home.

Just like fur-bearing creatures in nature, this invention allows humans to self-regulate.  Instead of body temperature, we can do that last check of; does this tank top really go with that micro-mini skirt sized one size fits most?  We can make sure that the pair of cut offs with the hole in the crotch is strategically placed for maximum ventilation.  Heaven forbid we didn’t check that the ruffled socks could be seen above the cuff line of the fake fur boots!  Who among us has not put on that fuchsia sweater over the turquoise Camisole and wondered, should I really be wearing an orange peek-a-boo bra with this?  Thankfully, we own a mirror.

We lived through the 60’s of free love, long hair, fringe and love beads.  Evolved through the 70’s with the bell bottoms, Huckapoo printed shirts, Afros and disco balls.  Settled into the 80’s with our stone washed denim, leg warmers and chunky off-set belts.  Reveled in the 90’s live free attitude of chunky shoes, grunge clothing and hair to match.

With our new millennium now into its second decade, we have all found a sense of fashion that suits us best.  We all take our own version of fashion risks, should the mirror-less be mocked for theirs?  While we may shun panty lines while wearing skin-tight nude colored leggings, these people should be applauded for being the risk takers that they are.  Bravo, for choosing to not wear a bra and letting them hang free out of the bottom of your 3X shirt that reads “Can’t touch this”.   If the clothing manufacturers make a pair of boy-shorts that read “Baby” in one size fits everything with two legs, then you go girl!  Wear them loud and proud.

Next time you go walking through one of these establishments and come upon one of these rebels in gold lame tank and matching boots on a Saturday afternoon, remember, you too could be mirror-less.


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Life's about being social! Live in the SF Bay Area.
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3 Responses to Mirror, mirror on the wall

  1. angielah says:

    This post seriously made me lol. I weep for those poor souls on a daily basis.

  2. MonaLott says:

    Every time I receive one of those emails, I bless the fates that be … and think, there but for the grace of God. ^5 Sista!

  3. Lyn says:

    There are no words.
    Okay, there are, but I’ll keep them to myself…. THIS time! LOL!

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