As a ritual here, Saturday mornings after breakfast, I take my coffee, sit at my computer and spend some mindless time playing on the computer.  I admit it, I like to play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, it’s my “thing”.  Everyone has one, some people talk about them, some people wear them for all to see, some people keep them in the closet.

I particularly like it because it allows me to shut everything else off, and get lost in a concentration war with myself.

Sometimes, too much concentrating.

Take this morning for example.  Sitting here at my computer, concentrating away, forgetting that I share the office with the kiddo. I am totally wrapped up in my game, see I have missed something very obvious as time runs out, and say out loud DUH!

Kiddo says, “Mom, what was that for?”  Without thinking I reply, “I missed something stupid and had an oh sh*t moment, ever have one of those?”  Not missing a beat, Kiddo says,”Well, yeah, but I don’t call it that when I have one.”

It’s at that moment I realize what word I had used to name it.

Chalk up another moment in the annals of “Mother of the Year, story of my life.”


*Disclaimer: Before I get any emails/comments protesting for children’s rights on being subject to profanity–No “children” were harmed in the making of this blog.



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