2 texts at 4am equals 8 interrupted hours

I get 2 texts at 4:10 am this morning from the owner my company.

Seems there is a break-in and the police are on their way.  He has tried calling the other manager and one of the guys who lives right near the shop but neither has answered.  The police have arrested 2 people and someone needs to go secure the building.

Am I available to meet the police at the shop?

(Sure, because I wasn’t doing anything important, like sleeping, as I have this virus running through my system because the other manager decided he was too important to not come in last week when he had a fever and raging strep throat.)

So I lug my sick butt (and the rest of me) out of bed, throw a brush through my hair and scrub down the toofuses (don’t want to have bad morning breath for the ossifers).  Out the door I go at an ungodly hour, trying not to wake the rest of my house.

I get to the shop to find the police still there along with the perpetrator’s getaway car waiting to be towed.  Can I come inspect the contents of the vehicle to see if there are any items from the business in there?  Sure!  (I have nothing better to do at 5am, well, other than be back in my bed sleeping).

They inform me that there were three of them, two men and a woman, and they knew just how to break into the shop, knowing the one weak spot in the security.  Sounds like an inside job, but I keep my mouth shut not wanting to cause harm by possibly errant thoughts this early in the morning.

I look over the vehicle, nothing in there.  They had staged the items to be stolen by the entry point but the police stopped their progress.  I take an officer inside the shop and we take inventory, find that nothing other than the staged items seem to be out-of-place.  He takes a statement, I sign it, and he is on his merry way.

The entry point cannot be closed, hence building secured by alarm, so someone has to stay and wait for the other manager to arrive, he has a two-hour commute.  I go back to my office, still feeling ill, but figure I can get some work done while I wait for his arrival.

At this point it dawns on me I didn’t expect to be out of the house this long and do not have any medications with me.  Hacking and runny nose commence.

Finally other manager gets there about 7:15 am, we tour around the place, I give him the rundown on events, make a call to a 24/7 service to come fix injured entry point, and scoot buns home to shower, medicate and sleep.

Upon arriving home, I go in search of caffeine and medication, as at this point I have pounding headache. It doesn’t dawn on me to not drink the caffeine, why in the world I thought it wouldn’t keep me up is beyond me.  I don’t do well with interrupted sleep.

Lay down to try to go back to sleep, but caffeine has kicked in.  Sit up in bed and watch morning news shows.  Thankfully they are coma-inducing.  Ah, here comes the z’s.

Jackhammers start in my head; at least I think they are in my head.  I can’t seem to shake the sound and living in a house with all wood and tile throughout in addition to vaulted ceilings makes it a 2500 square foot echo chamber.

My next door neighbors have hired a contractor to remove the cement area of their backyard.  This is my life.  Even pillows over my ears do not drown out the sound.

Okay, I can wait them out.  They finally stop with the jackhammer and commence with pick-axes.  Fortunately, this is a quieter noise, and one I can live with.

True to the story of my life, it is at this moment the gardeners pull up.  I wish I was making it up, but alas, as I say time and time again, this is my life.

Mechanical machines to trim, and blow debris commence.  This does not last more than 45 minutes thankfully.

Now, down to some sleep as the nose has stopped running, the coughing has subsided and I can get some much-needed make-up rest.

You guessed it, or maybe not, the jackhammer starts again.

I give up; I would have been better off staying at the shop and sleeping though air powered equipment for the day.

Maybe I can sleep tonight.  I wonder what irony is in store for the hours after sundown.





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3 Responses to 2 texts at 4am equals 8 interrupted hours

  1. faithslady says:

    Yuck! Hope you can sleep!

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