Sisterhood of Women

I am a member of Google+, one of the newer and up-and-coming social networking sites.  This evening I was in a hangout with two exceptional ladies, and the conversation turned to women and their relationships with each other.

Society has programmed women to view other women as adversaries, combatants in the race to establish ourselves as independent women.  In this skewed viewpoint, a woman cannot accept other women on their merits, but must tear each other down, while climbing over the vanquished opponent’s back, on the way to the next challenge.

At some point in most women’s lives, by some miracle, there comes the realization, that we are all sisters.  Only through acceptance and love, can we all grow to be not only better women, but better people.

We had wandered down this path when speaking of some women we had encountered who had not yet reached that point in their consciousness.  The dilemma being, of course, that upon recognizing that, what do you do?

Every woman comes to this epiphany at a different point in their life for a different reason, and spurred on by different events.  What is our responsibility?  Are we bound by bonds of sisterhood to take said woman and leave her in a better place than whence we found her?  Can you enlighten someone who is not yet ready to see the larger picture?

Personally, I think that if someone is not yet ready, then our efforts fall on deaf ears, being seen as interference, rather than counseling by a potential mentor.  Sadly, there are those women who never get to that level of self-awareness and are never able to enjoy the full benefit of having a life filled with sisterhood.

To those that have not yet climbed over enough dead bodies and still see all women as competition, know that the rest of us are here, waiting patiently for you to join us.  The road in is sometimes long and lonely, but the journey from there is filled with love, laughter and the knowledge you are never alone.


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