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Adventures in Parenting – The Shots

How many adults does it take to give an immunization? I love my son, unconditionally.   He has irrational fears that are part of his condition and as a mother it is heartbreaking.  Spiders, clowns, insects with wings, and getting shots.  … Continue reading

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Do you see what you think you see? This one contains no hidden meanings.  If you see one word vs. another it doesn’t mean you are left brain/right brain, it doesn’t mean you have a tumor, it doesn’t mean you … Continue reading

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Life Is A Stage

It is not an easy subject, our own mortality.  Those who know me, know I have a best friend who lives back in Jersey.  We have been friends since we were in the 6th grade.  We have lived in each … Continue reading

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Word Clouds and You

You, are all important to me!   Although I may not say it often, and even if I forget to post frequently, know that I do appreciate the friendships, the laughter, and the support.

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Another Adventure on the Short Bus

A while back I wrote about the adventures we experienced when the regular morning driver had to take a leave of absence and they couldn’t seem to back fill the spot without making the kids miss the first hour of … Continue reading

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Life As A Silly Parent

I love being silly, cutting up, and just letting loose.  This is especially true when the kiddo is in the same kind of mood.  A most endearing quality is that he has inherited my quirky sense of what is funny. … Continue reading

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