Stuff My Son Says

Out of the mouths of babes.  How can the young be so much smarter than their years?  I know that I do know the answer to that, and it is usually the result of having to endure what they should not have to at an early age.

We were out, doing our usual errands and chatting away in the car.  He asks, “Mom, do you want to hear a saying I made up?”  How do I not want to hear this?  “Of course I do”, I answer.  With that, he utters the phrase above, “Those who insult, are weak themselves.” 

We talk about what he means by this, and he tells me had figured out that bullies and mean people are just mean to make people stop looking at them.  He goes on and gives me examples of bullying statements and how to counter act them with one liners to end it right then and there.  

It is my fervent hope he doesn’t have to put this in to practice any time soon.  I fear for him, that entering Junior High School next year, will have more than its fair share of pitfalls.   


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