Habit or Habitual?

Yesterday was Day 1.  First day with no nicotine.  Well, that isn’t quite right, it was the first day I didn’t put more nicotine in to my system.

The Chantix pills make some people nuts-O crazy.  That is what had my doctor most worried about putting me on the pills.  I told him, “doc, you can’t make crazy, worse.  I’ll be fine.”

HA!  They need to put a HUGE label on the box about the nauseousness!   The reason you don’t smoke isn’t because you don’t crave one, it is because it is hard to light a cigarette when your head is in the toilet bowl!

Flick, flick…why won’t this damn thing light?!?!?!

I kid.  When the 7th night came, I smoked my last one and went up to bed.  No matter how much that first day got to me, I didn’t light one up, didn’t have one, didn’t try and mooch one, didn’t go to the corner store and buy any.

This despite the database having one of its usual snafus and leaving unpaid duplicates all throughout my data. This despite the fact that one of the managers took the day off and left his department in the hands of a trainee only 3 weeks in to the job and still not up to speed.  This despite the fact that they had left the paperwork from last week and utter disaster for me to find on a bright and cheery Monday morning.

People who are quitting smoking should not be left to their own devices around heavy equipment.  I contemplated welding his drawers shut as a thank you, but stopped short when I realized his desk was made of wood.  I contemplated playing keyboard character shuffle, but thought better of it, I hate to hear men whine.

I kid a lot, but I made it through that first day armed with bottles of water & iced tea, lots of fresh veggies to gnaw on, packs of gum to crackle and pop, and oodles of patience.  Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.


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