Habit or Habitual – Day 2

Yesterday was day 2 of not smoking.  

I found the morning routine was getting a bit easier, but only when armed with the celery sticks and water.  Seeing how they aren’t the worst things in the world to be using as a crutch, I am going with it.

The extra bitchy comes and goes, depending on the accompanying external stress.  I can feel when it is coming on, and have learned to just breathe through it.  

I kept away from the computer on Day 1.  I didn’t want to make things harder than they had to be.  For me, I find that sitting down to the computer to let off some steam playing games, is a smoking trigger.  So I didn’t do it.

Day 2 I took the plunge.  I went in to a hangout.  It was like a Jimmy Buffet song.  I had smokers to my left, and smokers to my right.

We had fun with it, I had people blow smoke at me and pretended to sniff & savor.  Truth is, I made the jokes, but after the initial “hey they are smoking and I can’t” thought, the feeling went away.

The rest of the night was uneventful as I just kept busy and didn’t think about it.

If they aren’t here, I won’t smoke, simple as.  I am not going to die because I can’t have one, I couldn’t say that a month ago, I can now.  A journey of a thousand miles is made up of millions of steps.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to have supportive friends and family.

Two steps down, millions more to go.


About Lori

Life's about being social! Live in the SF Bay Area.
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