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I’ll be right back, I promise

I saw this picture on Facebook and laughed.  These days if a mother did that, well, can you say Division of Child and Family Services?What parent hasn’t had that thought run through their brain at least once (or 3,000 times)? … Continue reading

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Everything is a teaching moment when it comes to our kids

Last week when the story broke of the bullied school bus monitor, I was working from home.  While I made a post on Google+, I never posted here.  I have to be more diligent about cross posting.  From June 21, … Continue reading

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Adventures in Parenting – The Shots

How many adults does it take to give an immunization? I love my son, unconditionally.   He has irrational fears that are part of his condition and as a mother it is heartbreaking.  Spiders, clowns, insects with wings, and getting shots.  … Continue reading

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Another Adventure on the Short Bus

A while back I wrote about the adventures we experienced when the regular morning driver had to take a leave of absence and they couldn’t seem to back fill the spot without making the kids miss the first hour of … Continue reading

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Life As A Silly Parent

I love being silly, cutting up, and just letting loose.  This is especially true when the kiddo is in the same kind of mood.  A most endearing quality is that he has inherited my quirky sense of what is funny. … Continue reading

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Adventures On The Short Bus or How to Tick Off A Special Needs Kid’s Mom

It is 5pm, the phone rings and it’s the bus company.  We’re very sorry, but the morning bus driver is going to be out tomorrow.  We don’t have a substitute driver (thank you California budget crisis).  The bus that has … Continue reading

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The Frayed End of the Knot

Why do people take their own lives?  What point of desperation must you come, that the belief there is no other alternative becomes plausible?  Why do people turn away when help is offered and then believe there is nothing and … Continue reading

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