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Laughing in the face of adversity

How you handle adversity says more about you than you realize. There are millions of different sayings. “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” “True adversity brings out the best in … Continue reading

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Adventures On The Short Bus or How to Tick Off A Special Needs Kid’s Mom

It is 5pm, the phone rings and it’s the bus company.  We’re very sorry, but the morning bus driver is going to be out tomorrow.  We don’t have a substitute driver (thank you California budget crisis).  The bus that has … Continue reading

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The Frayed End of the Knot

Why do people take their own lives?  What point of desperation must you come, that the belief there is no other alternative becomes plausible?  Why do people turn away when help is offered and then believe there is nothing and … Continue reading

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Sisterhood of Women

I am a member of Google+, one of the newer and up-and-coming social networking sites.  This evening I was in a hangout with two exceptional ladies, and the conversation turned to women and their relationships with each other. Society has … Continue reading

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Sundays with 60 Minutes

  When we were growing up, Sundays were all about family, but Sunday nights were all about 60 Minutes. Sunday morning would find members of our family out in search of the components for the Sunday brunch.   Bagels & bialys, … Continue reading

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Perception is nothing, without information

I experienced something today with a customer that made me realize how some people only get their news from the 6 o’clock network broadcasts, if at all.   The customer had related to me how he had just come from 14th … Continue reading

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10 years and a lifetime ago

The morning was beautiful, bright blue sky, not a cloud in sight.  A crisp, clear September morning. I woke at the regular time, got my 19 month old son ready to go the babysitter’s house.  I had to get to … Continue reading

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