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Adventures On The Short Bus or How to Tick Off A Special Needs Kid’s Mom

It is 5pm, the phone rings and it’s the bus company.  We’re very sorry, but the morning bus driver is going to be out tomorrow.  We don’t have a substitute driver (thank you California budget crisis).  The bus that has … Continue reading

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Go west middle-aged broad – Day 6

“Gimme back my filet-o-fish, gimme that fish, ooooh” Yes, the kid picked today’s wake up song too.  Grabbing the dog’s leash, I head out the door of the Bull Moose Saloon & Inn for her morning walk.  Thankfully I had … Continue reading

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Early Adoption Failure

I am an early adopter, sometimes.  It depends on the product and the platform. Take for instance new dinner ideas.  Working mom arrives home nightly to husband and kid already home for an hour.  Kid is busy doing homework, husband … Continue reading

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  As a ritual here, Saturday mornings after breakfast, I take my coffee, sit at my computer and spend some mindless time playing on the computer.  I admit it, I like to play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, it’s my “thing”.  … Continue reading

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